Best iPhone Cases 2014

Seemingly everyone has an iPhone anymore. Though, they are Apple is not the leader in the smartphone space. Personally, I think this will change once they widen there screen, which seems imminent to stay relevant in my opinion. Since I have an iPhone and seem to go on a “case” about 1-2 times per year I thought I would post up a reliable source in iPhone case space. T3 “The Gadget Website” is credible source for most things techy related in general. They have posted the best iPhone cases for 2014, a total of 46 cases to be exact. These can be found here at T3. Here is a list of iPhone covers I have gone through recently: Defender, Lunatik, Bamboo Wood, and RokForm.

The worst of these being the wood case, lasted me about 3 weeks before a couple drops doomed the case. Looked cool, but it was wood after all. Would definitely not recommend this type of case. Unless it is going in a purse, maybe it would last longer? Still no bueno! The Defender worked well, but very bulky and the plastic/rubber did not hold so well over extended use. Great branded name, but not for me. My two favorites so far have been the RokForm and the Lunatik. Lunatik will no doubt protect your phone and features Gorilla Glass. It is very bulky, more from a wide standpoint and heavy. Being a guy the larger width I enjoy, fits better in my hand. BE VERY careful of fakes, this is a plastic case and does not chip. Fakes are usually aluminum and will chip. If the price is too good, it 99% change it is not the real deal. I like RokForm for their constant innovation, this is the case that is on my current iPhone as of today. Best of luck out there on the hunt, there are way too many to choose from and everyday seemingly more come to market.