Yeah, Guys Still Use A Straight Razor

What is this strange object? You mean to tell me some men today still use a straight razor, the horror! Actually, this is almost a lost art and any few would argue you can get a better shave any other way. The problem for me is the time. What I mean is that this is a very time consuming process compared to what most of us use for a quick shave. I still use a blade, you know Bic. Electric shavers tear my face up, have been using a Bic blade in some form for over 25 years. That said, I really wish I had the time or frankly the energy to use the “old school” method. Now for a treat, you can often find a local barber shop that will still give you a straight cut. Honestly, this makes me very nervous. That is one hell of a blade in another persons hand awfully close to my neck. Maybe I am not a real man after all.

Let’s say you take this up and decide it is time to get a real shave doing it yourself. First, know this is not an inexpensive concept to start doing. Like anything anymore, the deeper you dive, the crazy the pricing gets. Do a bit of research and you will see exactly what I am referring to. Plan on setting aside a solid 25 minutes ONCE you are proficient, much longer in the learning stages. I highly recommend YouTube videos for this “activity”. Not only are they very insightful, but very serious. The folks that are into the straight blade are a breed of their own and it is really more of club you join. With there being limited men still using this technique, there is an instant bond if you find someone else who is straight blading as well. Man up, be a man, get your shave on! I will be right here not being manly…LOL. This site is a guru on the straight shave.