Lazy Man’s Coffee The Right Way

If you have never used a Keurig Coffee Maker, I highly recommend it. This is an essential in my household and why I’m doing this review today. Once I had my first cup of coffee, I was hooked. The Keurig has become extremely popular over the years and for good reason. This coffee maker has several features that a “regular” pot maker does not. First, the Keurig brews a cup of coffee in under a minute, which is perfect for the hustle and bustle of the mornings. I have a millions things going on in the morning as do most people, knowing that in next to no time my coffee cup is filled. For those who drink coffee like myself, let’s face it we are all better people once we have had our morning caffeine kick.

Another reason why the Keurig is a magnificent invention, is the easy clean up. There really is not much of any cleaning, other than throwing away the K cup once you are done using it. Sure, you would want to wipe down the tray and rinse out the water container but, this is not required after every use. With a more conventional coffee maker you have to wash the pot every time, also usually done by hand. Let’s not forget about the race to the garbage can with the wet coffee filter, hoping is does not break and go everywhere. I have experienced this, trust me coffee grinds are not the easiest thing to clean up. As I mentioned before the Keurig uses K cups. A small cup that comes in a variety of coffees and teas, there are around 170 different varieties. That number is increasing all the time since companies like Starbucks continue to develop different flavors. It may be difficult to sample all the the K cups though, it should not be a problem finding one to your liking. It’s fun trying the vast selection, the great thing to the K cup is there little to no waste. It’s not like you make a pot of coffee only have two cups and have to throw the rest away. Or drink out of a pot that has been sitting for hours, with a K cup you are guaranteed to drink a fresh cup of coffee.

The Keurig Coffee Maker is one of the best coffee makers on the market. If you are looking for simple and easy than the Keurig is a must have. Easy to operate, literally it’s a press of a button but, though don’t forget to turn it on first. The clean up after making coffee or tea takes seconds, who wouldn’t want to save time? The endless options of flavors is great, not everyone likes the same coffee. I prefer a dark roast where my buddy likes a blonde roast. The K cup allows you to customize your coffee. There are product that come along that you try and think to yourself “how did I survive before without this?” The Keurig is a wonderful product and if you don’t already have one, you need to go get one.