Wish You Had A Skimmer For Your Koi Pond?

I built my pond with grand ideas and lots of gallons in mind. Well, I still have the grand ideas, but pond not as many gallons as I had hoped. One oversight was I did not appreciate what a traditional skimmer would do for my pond. This and I felt my koi pond was too small for a large integrated skimmer. I ended up with crystal clear water, with the exception of floating particles, pine needles, etc. This made all my hard work go to the wayside. Not to mention any random leaves or pine needles unless scooped out with a net would end up at the bottom of the pond.

After a bit of research I found a solution that has shockingly worked pretty darn good. I went out on a limb and purchased the Jebao SK-30. Easily found for much less than it is listed on Jebao’s website. This is a floating skimmer with a pump that draws the water down into a basket for large debri. Under the basket is a circular matte to catch finer debri. There is also a larger version this Jebao ref. # SK-40. The two main differences are the SK-30 has a 5″ basket, with a 660 gph motor vs. the SK-40 with a 7″ basket and a 1100 gph motor.

Though, I have been pleased with the results for the last two years. I am considering buying the larger version this year. I want a stronger “pull through” and bigger surface area for pulling in anything floating. Basically, there are two major advantages to having a solution like this, cleaner surface area for viewing and catching debri before it makes it to the bottom of the pond. It does need to be cleaned out every day or other day, no different than any other skimmer for that matter. Simply plug it in, drop in the water, and your done.  That is my mini-review, and I am fan!