Samsung Smart Watch, Do People Even Wear Watches Anymore?

One of the newest crazes in the tech space is wearable tech or a SmartWatch. Just another way to help differ ones self from the competition. Personally, I am not so sure about this concept, well it is no longer a concept actually. I happen to still wear a standard watch and do not see that changing any time soon. That said, I am likely in the minority any more. We the public can not get out of the way of our love and sensational desire to have more tech, more ways to connect, more, more, more…

Moving on to the topic at hand, Samsung has created wearable tech in the form of a SmartWatch. Here is the quick breakdown of it’s capabilities.:

– A companion to the Samsung GALAXY family, the Gear makes it easier to receive and respond to incoming texts, messages, reminders and appointments, as well as share photos and messages
– 1.63”, 278ppi Super AMOLED screen, bright touchscreen display
– Optimized for the screen size, 70 apps will be available at launch
– AF, 1.9MP camera is embedded in the strap and takes a photo when screen swiped.
– Luxury real watch design with slick stainless steel frame
– Speaker and microphone positioned in the strap, to make and receive calls with a fluid motion
– Voice controlled app to set alarms, and check the weather, among other attributes
– Allows for step tracking to use as pedometer
– Galaxy consistency GUI: Intuitive interface makes it easy to use
– Device Compatibility: Samsung GALAXY Note™ 3, Samsung GALAXY S4™, Samsung GALAXY S4™ Mini

Now, me personally I am not sure I want or care on any level about getting a text or alert on my wrist. Don’t most of us pathetically have our phones glued to,us any way? Sure many years down the road this has a chance to be the norm, but I am holding out that wrist is for a true watch, not a faux watch. That said, if you must have more tech and ways to connect, slap on Samsung Galaxy watch. At least you will be wearing a watch!