On The Rock Please, Not In The Water!

Why would you want a big ball of ice in your drink? Well, for starters it looks cool and it hardly waters down your drink. Allowing you truly get to enjoy the full flavor of your spirit of choice. You did spend good money on it after all. Think about it for a minute, you order a bourbon on the rocks, after several sips you are now sipping on bourbon and a splash of water. Regular cubed ice and especially crushed ice melt quickly, it becomes a race, you against the ice. The ice sphere mold helps solves those problems. The reason why the ball works well, is due to the minimum surface area allowing maximum volume. When you use smaller ice cubes or crushed ice, they both have smaller surface areas which is why they will melt so much faster. Who knew just by changing the size of an ice cube it would completely change your cocktail.

The molds can usually be bought in a pack of two. One for you and one for the another person who can appreciate a high quality cocktail. They are simple to use, just fill the mold with water, place cap on to seal and let it freeze. Once ready the top may require a little muscle to pop off, drop ice sphere in your glass and enjoy your drink.  The molds can be refilled and put back in the freezer, it is that easy. They are safe to use in a dishwasher and are BPA-Free. Easy to use, safe, and let’s not forget about how cool it looks in your glass.

Next time you have friends and family over, break out the ice sphere in their drink. Not only will you get a reaction out of your guest but, they to will appreciate not drinking a water downed drink. I can’t make guarantees but, I am willing to bet the ice ball will become a conversational piece. It’s not about being trendy and different it’s about respecting the drink. Cheers!