Strider Balance Bikes

There is nothing except pure joy seeing a child switch from training wheels to riding on two wheels. Though training wheels have been around for ages and serve a functional purpose, they can also hinder a child. Kids gets too dependent on training wheels, often delaying taking the wheels off. Training wheels are becoming a thing of the past due to new inventions like the Strider Balance Bike. Not only does this bike not have training wheels but, it does not even have pedals. “Say what? no Pedals?”

That’s right, these pint size bikes are the new future in beginner bikes. The fun new balance bike focuses on the basics of bike riding such as balancing, leaning, and steering. Kids as young as 18 months are hoping on these bikes and loving them. The unique design of  balance bikes gives kids a sense of confidence and security since their feet touches the ground. Often their are development delays for kids by using training wheels or a tricycle. When a child rides a balance bike for the first time, they don’t even realize that they are already improving on coordination, balancing all while having a blast. I first learned of these bikes while I was skiing of all places.

I walked into a shop and saw one of these mini’s bikes. I did a double take at first, I had never seen a bike without wheels. The gentleman at the store came over to me and began to explain the concept to me. At the time my son was two, I figured I would give it try. The first time my son got on it, he lit up with the biggest smile. He was just excited to get a new toy in his mind. It was an instant hit, he could not stop riding it. His instincts kicked in and in a very short amount of time he mastered the Strider Balance Bike. We make jokes that he was riding a two wheeler bike before he spoke. People stops me all the time and ask me how old my son is since I can barely keep up with him on a bike. The Strider Balance bike got my son on two wheels well before most kids his age. My son will ask to ride a bike rain or shine, it truly is amazing to see him ride with such happiness. The Strider Balance Bike is rocks!