Dyson Desk Fan, Modern and Cool.

We all know what the typical fan looks and sounds like. Enter Dyson paving the way for review today with their ┬ádesk fan. Banging away on the computer all day can build quite a sweat or you might be in an office where the electric bill of running the A/C is the main concern…just not yours! LOL.

The Dyson Desk Fan (AM06) in iron/blue is a stylish and effective option. Dyson has engineered a fan without the use of traditional blades. A technology Dyson calls Air Multiplier. Besides the obvious cool factor, it is also much more quite than a standard fan. A nice advantage helping to keep your cubicle neighbors from being annoyed with a constant humming. It is not silent, but much more tolerable. Dyson states it is on average 75% more quite and uses 30% less energy. The Desk top fan is only 10″ in diameter and will set you back $199 at retail cost. If the money is not a concern this is a top pick for me and the best desk top fan in my opinion. You can buy directly from the manufacturer, here is the info Dyson.