Quik Pod Smartphone Selfie Pole

Love them or hate them, selfies are everywhere. People are obsessed with taking pictures of themselves and sending them out to friends and family. Lately pics I have seen seem a little more “professional”. Poses are specifically planned out, maybe there are props, ether way the craze of the selfie is here to stay. One way people are taking pictures is with a Quik Pod Smartphone Selfie Pole. The Quik Pod has actually been around for sometime, though with the popularity¬† of selfies the Quik Pod has become one of the “newest” must have gadgets. This extendable pole allows for the photographer to be in the picture without taking a close up. The Quik Pod Pole is compatible with an Iphone, Ipad, Android, and Samsung Galaxay. The pole come as a kit and includes a Quik Pod Pro+XLPod, carry bag, hiking clip, aluminum tripod legs, and wrist strap. Each Quik pole has a built in selfie mirror to ensure the person holding it is centered in their pic. If you gotta do a selfie might as well see how you are going to look before you snap that pic. The mirror is a nice added touch and most useful no doubt.

Personally, I am not a selfie kinda guy, nor do people probably want to see my mug on the screen. LOL. If you must do selfies (even the name bugs me) then do it right. Sure I am no authority on a proper selfie for obvious reasons. But I do know when I see a good one or a “what was he/she thinking. Just do a search on the internet for selfie pics and you will quickly understand where I am coming from. Worth the comedy if nothing else. There is certainly an art to doing it right. Grab a pole and your selfie on!