Panono 360 Degree Panoramic Ball Camera!

The Panono is first ever camera to catch a 360 X 360 degree pictures in every direction simply by tossing the ball in the air! Just think about that for a moment, the applications are grand. This also brings affordable technology to the average consumer on the street. Once available projected later this year it will retail around $599. Though, currently available for preorder on the website with a $50 deduction in cost for getting in early.

The Panono site has some panorama pics posted. You can spin the pic in any direction and see what was happening everywhere at the moment the pic was taken. It is honestly super cool. Imagine being at a sporting event with this camera ball taking 360 degree pictures! What about at an outdoor wedding party capturing all those special moments. I can see this being very popular in the photography industry for sure. If you got the disposable funds to dish out it is definitely worth checking out.