Crovel Extreme II, Get Empowered!

Crovel well know for their tactile survival gear is now offering an updated version of the Extreme tool with the Extreme II. A multi versatile any true survivalist can appreciate. Not to mention in it is made in the good old USA, nice! It is always nice to see this and love when companies brag about the fact they are made in the United States. They should and we should support them when we can. This might add a bit added expense to the end product, but you know it is likely high quality and not a mass produced China item looking to shave off a few bucks in manufacturing cost. The other benefit most consumers do not realize is that it much easier for a company to also oversee quality control greatly increasing the benefit of the end product. That said, the¬†Crovel Extreme II eliminates the need to carry multiple tools and is compact as well as light. So what’s this thing got to offer? Here is a quick run down:

  • 4140 Chromoly Head, with precision edge
  • shovel, chop, saw, hammer, and pry
  • 14″ hollow steel handle for storage
  • crowbar upgraded to include woodworking chisel and pry
  • 550 paracord wrapped handle with a total of 15 feet of cord

This is an extremely well rounded survival tool. Due to its compact design the Extreme II fits nicely scrapped to the back of a backpack. There is a huge movement in recent years to learn how to survive in unpredictable scenarios or even the dreaded zombies coming our way. There are also lots of companies therefore trying to capitalize in this space. Lots of options some that are very well made like this Crovel Extreme II and lots of gimmicky chintzy craptastic tools on market as well. When you truly looking to use survival tools to the fullest as they are intended to be cheap is not the route to go. Do you think a cheap knife with inferior steel and finish will take down that zombie, doubt it. Joking aside, the Crovel Extreme II is a true tool and far cry from anything close to being gimmicky.  I for one would be proud to sport this into a survival scenario and have no doubt it would be very useful. This will ultimately cost more in the long run as you purchase the proper replacement you should have likely bought the first time around. Now go survive the proper way and check out the Covel Extreme II.