Who Knew Toilets Are Packed Full Of Technology?

We all use them every single day and not much thought of what an integral part of our life toilets play. It was not until recently I discovered how confusing it can be to purchase seemingly such a simple item. Nope, not so cut and dry. In fact toilet manufactures are marketing machines making their toilet sound like the best on the market. Well, there is a vast difference from one toilet to another, even within the brand.

This “toilet” journey if you will lead me to do way more research than I ever intended. The three seemingly major players in the industry are Toto, American Standard, and Kohler. There are all types of fancy names for types of flushing for example Siphonic and Jetting. Then you need to decide on one piece or two piece, how many gallons per flush, to single and dual flush. Ughhhhh! The most frustrating aspect of the pursuit for the perfect toilet for me is the cost without being able to use first. This is when I found a site dedicated to the best toilet reviews I found very beneficial. Let me tell you I am not sure why anyone would want to dedicate a blog to this topic as “solids” is common word used to discuss performance. Hey, I guess it is what is and am happy for it, just not discussing it…After sifting through all this info I headed back to the local big box store and faced the challenging decision. I finally settled on the American Standard H2OptionĀ for its flushing technology and somewhat modern vibe. I actually wanted a Toto, but they did not carry these and waiting for an online delivery was not an option. Technology and toilets, never would of thought. If you have not recently shopped, looked, or researched them in recent years I think might be equally shocked as I was. I am happy with my purchase fortunately because once you install it who is really going to go through the effort to uninstall and return it. Only to chance another one hoping it is better than the first choice. Imagine if you were happier with the first option. No fun, best of luck on your toilet endeavors!