Nest Thermostat – House Tech

Like many of you I did not pay too much attention to my thermostat. As long as the heat and air conditioner kicked on and kept me and my family comfortable I was content. Occasionally, I would adjust the thermostat depending on the climate outside. For the most part I would keep it at the same temperature through out the day. I came across an article about a Nest Thermostat. As I began to read I became very interested in learning more about this product. There were several highlighted features that really sparked my interest. Also, there is no denying the Nest has cool contemporary design over standard thermostats.

Nest Thermostats suggest they can reduce your heating and cooling bill up 20%. That was a pretty significant number in my eyes, especially over a course of a year. As I stated above, I often keep my thermostat at the same temperature, with a Nest Thermostat it is controlled by an auto schedule. The temperature fluctuates throughout the day, so why shouldn’t the thermostat also alter? This was a question I could not believe I never asked myself before. The Nest Thermostat learns your homes temperatures over about a week and learns the best energy saving temps. For example, in the morning it might be tough to crawl out of a warm bed into the cold air, thus you may want your thermostat at a warmer degree. In the afternoon when no one is home it does not make sense to have the thermostat kicked up to a high temp. Different times of the days require different temperatures. The Nest Thermostat’s technology will keep the house set to the most cost effective setting to best fit a home. Stop and think about that for a moment, the thermostat actually studies your temperatures and remembers them. When the thermostat recognizes energy savings a nest leaf will appear to let you know you are well on your way to being more efficient and ultimately saving money.

Another feature that blew my mind was the system could be controlled wireless by my smartphone, tablet, and laptop. The app will allow me monitor up to ten thermostats, check and adjust settings, change the temperatures, put Nest in the in and out mode, then finally it will show me my Nest saving. By the time I was done reading the article, I was sold and knew I had to convert my home to a Nest Thermostat. There was a moment of sticker shocker initially. Though, once I looked at what I was wasting per month the Nest would pay for itself in no time. Once the system had arrived I felt confident I could do the install, it was nice to know that Nest would provide a certified representative to do the install if I had desired. From start to finish it took me under thirty minutes to complete the install. The directions were easy to follow, I honestly can say there were no frustrations, and I can’t always say that with home improvements. I have had my Nest Thermostat for several months now and the savings have been noticeable. Better to join the newest technologies, otherwise you might miss out on something really great.