Goji Smart Lock

Goji Smart Lock In Review

Goji Smart Lock is as cool as it sounds. You know those house keys you have been bulking up your key chain with since you were old enough to drive? Well, now there is a very forward thinking solution. This is now available on their site for $278.

Goji Smart Lock replaces your lock in your door. Once installed the user can pope ray the the lock via Bluetooth or wi-fi! the coolest aspect to this locking system is an integrated camera that allows you to see who is at your door from any where in the world from a computer or smartphone. Now Goji is not the first to market with a keyless controlled lock. That said, Goji is setting themselves apart from others by also including an integrated hidden key hole for manual operation as well. If you are out of town and you needed to give someone access to your home you can now remotely unlock and lock the door. A great feature considering you never know when something unexpected might pop up requiring access other than yourself. Should you forget to lock up the system tells you the status of locked or unlocked. Also, if the Goji Smart Lock detects your Bluetooth enabled device near the upon approach it will automatically unlock the door for you alleviating the need to search for your keys. Nice added feature for sure.

The locking system is very stylish as well offered in silver or gold tones. Have to admit it fully has our attention. Lastly, with a retail price of $278 it is far from inexpensive. The question becomes what are you willing to pay for new technology that is more of a frill than a necessity? Loving tech and gadgets will so a number on the wallet! But hey, if it is that cool then go for it.