Swatch Sistem51 Watch

Swatch Sistem51 Watch Review

Swatch? Say what? Most likely think of Swatch as a watch brand that was quite the trend back in the 80’s. What many might not realize is the Swatch Group is is very alive and active, owning such companies as Omega, Blancpain, Longines, Rado, Hamilton, and many more. Not to mention watch movement companies.

All that said, here we are today looking at a new Swatch watch with an automatic movement typically not seen in a Swatch watch. With the funny spelling of the word “sistem” and the dials crazy design, it is all Swatch. The 51 comes form the automatic movement itself using only 51 parts. With a whopping 90 hour power reserve, impressive. If you are into watches then you know that is about as minimalistic as you can get. Kinda cool. The Swatch Sistem51 represents Swatch’s lucky number and marks 30 years ago when Swatch started its heyday.

The watch is 100% Swiss Made and now available to the public. Bring back distant memories from your childhood for a mere $150!