Garden Groom Pro

Garden Groom Pro Just Got Better!

Some of us love gardening and general outdoor landscape maintenance. I am willing to bet that the majority are the other side if the fence. The new updated Garden Groom Pro  helps us who just want it all to look good with minimal effort. This stronger version of the world’s only collecting hedge trimmer tackles branches and hedges of a thicker diameter. The Garden Groom Pro weighs only about 1.7 lbs. more than the Midi, yet it’s 2.4″ wider than the original, to cut a wider swath. Comes with a grass catcher. This updated version is much better than the previous. The new Pro version is definitely worth the extra money vs. the Midi if you are going to move ahead with purchasing.

The world’s only “collecting” hedge trimmer is now available here in a new, stronger model. The 12″ diameter head will cover a bigger cutting area and handle thicker hedges, branches, and shrubs. Its cutting diameter is 0.8″, compared to the Garden Groom Midi’s 0.4″. This outstanding hedge trimmer cuts, shreds, and contains clippings all at once, saving you a wealth of time by eliminating the cleanup. The Garden Groom reduces clippings from 10 to 1, making for great compost materials. The volume bag holds up to 700 square feet of clippings (the Midi holds 500 square feet). This means less emptying and more productivity. It can be annoying to stop and empty the Gardening Groom Pro if you are doing some heavy trimming.

Like the Midi, the Pro is safe and easy to use, either option have the concealed blade to eliminate the risk of cutting the power cord or injuring someone else. It’s designed to be a 2-handed operation, for safety’s sake. It’s lightweight, too – with all its extra strength, the Pro weighs only 7.7 lbs., only 1.7 lbs. more than the smaller model.