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Royal Password Digital Storage Vault

Today we all have a handful of passwords to remember. With all the security breeches it seems like we are changing our passwords as often as we are brushing our teeth.  The Royal Password Vault is one of the top 2014 gadgets, designed to store and protect passwords.  The Vault is compact, small enough to fit in a pocket or place in a bag.  The font on the screen can be adjusted for better viewing and the keyboard slides down for easy access. This handheld gadget digitally remembers  case sensitive user name and passwords, web addresses, security questions and answers. The Royal Vault holds up to a staggering 3000 passwords! This also includes a Master password to enter the system and prevent unauthorized users. Powered by 2 AAA batteries and includes an internal flash memory which prevents information from being lost while changing the batteries.  Passwords are all around us, we are living in a digital era. Our security passwords are suppose to be private, unfortunately there are people out there who constantly trying to steel our personal information. The Royal Vault is the perfect aide to help organize all the different information we have to keep track of and often change. This gadget may be small, but it can make a big difference.

Garden Groom Pro Just Got Better!

Some of us love gardening and general outdoor landscape maintenance. I am willing to bet that the majority are the other side if the fence. The new updated Garden Groom Pro  helps us who just want it all to look good with minimal effort. This stronger version of the world’s only collecting hedge trimmer tackles branches and hedges of a thicker diameter. The Garden Groom Pro weighs only about 1.7 lbs. more than the Midi, yet it’s 2.4″ wider than the original, to cut a wider swath. Comes with a grass catcher. This updated version is much better than the previous. The new Pro version is definitely worth the extra money vs. the Midi if you are going to move ahead with purchasing. Continue reading Garden Groom Pro Just Got Better!

Nest Thermostat – House Tech

Like many of you I did not pay too much attention to my thermostat. As long as the heat and air conditioner kicked on and kept me and my family comfortable I was content. Occasionally, I would adjust the thermostat depending on the climate outside. For the most part I would keep it at the same temperature through out the day. I came across an article about a Nest Thermostat. As I began to read I became very interested in learning more about this product. There were several highlighted features that really sparked my interest. Also, there is no denying the Nest has cool contemporary design over standard thermostats. Continue reading Nest Thermostat – House Tech

Who Knew Toilets Are Packed Full Of Technology?

We all use them every single day and not much thought of what an integral part of our life toilets play. It was not until recently I discovered how confusing it can be to purchase seemingly such a simple item. Nope, not so cut and dry. In fact toilet manufactures are marketing machines making their toilet sound like the best on the market. Well, there is a vast difference from one toilet to another, even within the brand. Continue reading Who Knew Toilets Are Packed Full Of Technology?

Crovel Extreme II, Get Empowered!

Crovel well know for their tactile survival gear is now offering an updated version of the Extreme tool with the Extreme II. A multi versatile any true survivalist can appreciate. Not to mention in it is made in the good old USA, nice! It is always nice to see this and love when companies brag about the fact they are made in the United States. They should and we should support them when we can. Continue reading Crovel Extreme II, Get Empowered!

Crock-Pot Smart Slow Cooker

There is nothing better than the smell of chili cooking in a crock-pot on a cold day. I look forward to Sunday afternoons watching my favorite football games eating  a couple bowls of chilli. Without my favorite appliance in the kitchen, the Crock-Pot, a Sunday just would not be the same. I use my Crock-Pot or often referred to as a slow cooker on a weekly basis. Continue reading Crock-Pot Smart Slow Cooker