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Garden Groom Pro Just Got Better!

Some of us love gardening and general outdoor landscape maintenance. I am willing to bet that the majority are the other side if the fence. The new updated Garden Groom Pro  helps us who just want it all to look good with minimal effort. This stronger version of the world’s only collecting hedge trimmer tackles branches and hedges of a thicker diameter. The Garden Groom Pro weighs only about 1.7 lbs. more than the Midi, yet it’s 2.4″ wider than the original, to cut a wider swath. Comes with a grass catcher. This updated version is much better than the previous. The new Pro version is definitely worth the extra money vs. the Midi if you are going to move ahead with purchasing. Continue reading Garden Groom Pro Just Got Better!

Who Knew Toilets Are Packed Full Of Technology?

We all use them every single day and not much thought of what an integral part of our life toilets play. It was not until recently I discovered how confusing it can be to purchase seemingly such a simple item. Nope, not so cut and dry. In fact toilet manufactures are marketing machines making their toilet sound like the best on the market. Well, there is a vast difference from one toilet to another, even within the brand. Continue reading Who Knew Toilets Are Packed Full Of Technology?

On The Rock Please, Not In The Water!

Why would you want a big ball of ice in your drink? Well, for starters it looks cool and it hardly waters down your drink. Allowing you truly get to enjoy the full flavor of your spirit of choice. You did spend good money on it after all. Think about it for a minute, you order a bourbon on the rocks, after several sips you are now sipping on bourbon and a splash of water. Continue reading On The Rock Please, Not In The Water!