Panono 360 Degree Panoramic Ball Camera!

The Panono is first ever camera to catch a 360 X 360 degree pictures in every direction simply by tossing the ball in the air! Just think about that for a moment, the applications are grand. This also brings affordable technology to the average consumer on the street. Once available projected later this year it will retail around $599. Though, currently available for preorder on the website with a $50 deduction in cost for getting in early. Continue reading Panono 360 Degree Panoramic Ball Camera!

Quik Pod Smartphone Selfie Pole

Love them or hate them, selfies are everywhere. People are obsessed with taking pictures of themselves and sending them out to friends and family. Lately pics I have seen seem a little more “professional”. Poses are specifically planned out, maybe there are props, ether way the craze of the selfie is here to stay. One way people are taking pictures is with a Quik Pod Smartphone Selfie Pole. Continue reading Quik Pod Smartphone Selfie Pole

Strider Balance Bikes

There is nothing except pure joy seeing a child switch from training wheels to riding on two wheels. Though training wheels have been around for ages and serve a functional purpose, they can also hinder a child. Kids gets too dependent on training wheels, often delaying taking the wheels off. Training wheels are becoming a thing of the past due to new inventions like the Strider Balance Bike. Not only does this bike not have training wheels but, it does not even have pedals. “Say what? no Pedals?” Continue reading Strider Balance Bikes

On The Rock Please, Not In The Water!

Why would you want a big ball of ice in your drink? Well, for starters it looks cool and it hardly waters down your drink. Allowing you truly get to enjoy the full flavor of your spirit of choice. You did spend good money on it after all. Think about it for a minute, you order a bourbon on the rocks, after several sips you are now sipping on bourbon and a splash of water. Continue reading On The Rock Please, Not In The Water!

Samsung Smart Watch, Do People Even Wear Watches Anymore?

One of the newest crazes in the tech space is wearable tech or a SmartWatch. Just another way to help differ ones self from the competition. Personally, I am not so sure about this concept, well it is no longer a concept actually. I happen to still wear a standard watch and do not see that changing any time soon. That said, I am likely in the minority any more. We the public can not get out of the way of our love and sensational desire to have more tech, more ways to connect, more, more, more… Continue reading Samsung Smart Watch, Do People Even Wear Watches Anymore?

Wish You Had A Skimmer For Your Koi Pond?

I built my pond with grand ideas and lots of gallons in mind. Well, I still have the grand ideas, but pond not as many gallons as I had hoped. One oversight was I did not appreciate what a traditional skimmer would do for my pond. This and I felt my koi pond was too small for a large integrated skimmer. I ended up with crystal clear water, with the exception of floating particles, pine needles, etc. This made all my hard work go to the wayside. Not to mention any random leaves or pine needles unless scooped out with a net would end up at the bottom of the pond. Continue reading Wish You Had A Skimmer For Your Koi Pond?

Lazy Man’s Coffee The Right Way

If you have never used a Keurig Coffee Maker, I highly recommend it. This is an essential in my household and why I’m doing this review today. Once I had my first cup of coffee, I was hooked. The Keurig has become extremely popular over the years and for good reason. This coffee maker has several features that a “regular” pot maker does not. First, the Keurig brews a cup of coffee in under a minute, which is perfect for the hustle and bustle of the mornings. I have a millions things going on in the morning as do most people, knowing that in next to no time my coffee cup is filled. For those who drink coffee like myself, let’s face it we are all better people once we have had our morning caffeine kick. Continue reading Lazy Man’s Coffee The Right Way

Yeah, Guys Still Use A Straight Razor

What is this strange object? You mean to tell me some men today still use a straight razor, the horror! Actually, this is almost a lost art and any few would argue you can get a better shave any other way. The problem for me is the time. What I mean is that this is a very time consuming process compared to what most of us use for a quick shave. I still use a blade, you know Bic. Continue reading Yeah, Guys Still Use A Straight Razor