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Garden Groom Pro Just Got Better!

Some of us love gardening and general outdoor landscape maintenance. I am willing to bet that the majority are the other side if the fence. The new updated Garden Groom Pro  helps us who just want it all to look good with minimal effort. This stronger version of the world’s only collecting hedge trimmer tackles branches and hedges of a thicker diameter. The Garden Groom Pro weighs only about 1.7 lbs. more than the Midi, yet it’s 2.4″ wider than the original, to cut a wider swath. Comes with a grass catcher. This updated version is much better than the previous. The new Pro version is definitely worth the extra money vs. the Midi if you are going to move ahead with purchasing. Continue reading Garden Groom Pro Just Got Better!

Nest Thermostat – House Tech

Like many of you I did not pay too much attention to my thermostat. As long as the heat and air conditioner kicked on and kept me and my family comfortable I was content. Occasionally, I would adjust the thermostat depending on the climate outside. For the most part I would keep it at the same temperature through out the day. I came across an article about a Nest Thermostat. As I began to read I became very interested in learning more about this product. There were several highlighted features that really sparked my interest. Also, there is no denying the Nest has cool contemporary design over standard thermostats. Continue reading Nest Thermostat – House Tech

Samsung Smart Watch, Do People Even Wear Watches Anymore?

One of the newest crazes in the tech space is wearable tech or a SmartWatch. Just another way to help differ ones self from the competition. Personally, I am not so sure about this concept, well it is no longer a concept actually. I happen to still wear a standard watch and do not see that changing any time soon. That said, I am likely in the minority any more. We the public can not get out of the way of our love and sensational desire to have more tech, more ways to connect, more, more, more… Continue reading Samsung Smart Watch, Do People Even Wear Watches Anymore?

Into Gadgets and Interesting News?

Gizmodo has long been one of my favorite sites. Constantly being updated Gizmodo focus’s mainly on cool new technologies and releases. I am not the biggest tech “guy”, but much like how Yahoo! news sucks me in so does Gizmodo. Seriously, every time I check my personal Yahoo! mail I get sucked in. The “cookies” or whatever they use have me dialed in as much as I despise to admit it. Back on track, the best part of Gizmodo is the site is constantly updated daily with the latest trends or concepts you never would of thought to be in existence. Continue reading Into Gadgets and Interesting News?